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Photo, Grande Bibliothèque.


BAnQ Reopens

By July 2, the public will be able to visit the Grande Bibliothèque and all other BAnQ facilities.

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Un jour, une découverte,
Your Daily Learning Activity

Basket of vegetables.

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Want to Grow a Green Thumb?

Early photo, city of Québec.

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A Tribute to Downtown, PQ

Computer screen shwoing a computer showing a computer showing a computer...


Harvesting the Web
for Future Generations

Ship Shape

Superb renderings of sailing vessels by Léonce Cuvelier (1874-1959). 

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...the National Archives
Turn 100!

Explore their extraordinary history and be moved.

For Toddlers and Little Ones

Listen to all sorts of stories on line. 

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Calling All Users

Contribute to BAnQ's 2.0 Wiki projects.

Treasure Chest

Browse through some digitized wonders culled from BAnQ's vaults.

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