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Multimedia and viewing stations at the Grande Bibliothèque

Users seated in News and new releases section.

The Grande Bibliothèque makes more than one hundred multimedia stations available to its patrons. These workstations are located on all levels and allow patrons to access the Internet, many electronic resources―including databases―, the Iris catalogue and applications available in Microsoft Office. Patrons can also print from these workstations, at a cost of $0.15 per page, after depositing money in a virtual purse at the information desk.

The Grande Bibliothèque also provides access to viewing stations located on Level 4, in the music and film section.


Reserving a station

We recommend that you make a reservation to use a multimedia or viewing station to be sure you have a station when you want it. Reservations can be made online on BAnQ's Web portal or at the Grande Bibliothèque, from the catalogue stations or from the multimedia stations. You can also call at us 514 873‑1100 (option 2). Some stations have to be reserved at a service desk.

Workstations can be reserved for a maximum of two hours per day, and this applies to all types of stations. Reservations are made in 30-minute time segments, on the hour and on the half-hour (10:00, 10:30, 11:00, and so on). 

  • A subscriber's card is mandatory to reserve a workstation.
  • Your subscriber's account must be in good standing.
  • Reservations can be made up to three days in advance, except for the workstations on the ground floor, which can only be reserved the same day.
  • The multimedia stations in the Espace Jeunes (the children's library) are reserved for children 13 years or under.
  • A workstation cannot be used or reserved using someone else's subscriber's card.
  • Unoccupied workstations can be used up to the time of the next reservation; the time will be deducted from the patron's daily allowable time.

 For more information, please refer to FAQ about the reservation system for multimedia and viewing stations.

Use of multimedia stations by visitors

Workstations that must be reserved at a service desk

  • Workstations adapted for people with reduced mobility: at the service desk on the level desired.
  • Workstation of the Centre québécois de ressources en littérature pour la jeunesse: at the Espace Jeunes service desk.

If there are no available multimedia workstations, you can borrow a laptop or a tablet at one of the self-service loan stations located on the ground floor and on Level 3. 

Using multimedia stations and viewing stations

When using a viewing station or a multimedia station, patrons must respect the policies and rules of BAnQ, especially the Code of Library User Responsibilities and the Policy on Internet and computer use by users.

Internet use

It is prohibited to use the Internet for illicit or commercial purposes, such as pornography, violence, propaganda, sales and advertising, propagation of viruses or plagiarism. Patrons must comply with reproduction rights at all times.

Copying of audio CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs

Please note that the copying or reproducing in any form whatsoever (on a hard disc, USB flash drive, storage peripheral, etc.) of CDs or DVDs belonging to the collections in the Grande Bibliothèque is strictly prohibited.


Patrons must comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act and of the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information.

The following are prohibited on both multimedia stations and viewing stations:

  • installing or downloading software or computer programs;
  • modifying the software already installed;
  • chatting;
  • using interactive games (except for certain educational games authorized in the children's library);
  • connecting a laptop to a station in the Grande Bibliothèque.

Viewing DVDs and videocassettes

Viewing DVDs and videocassettes is authorized only on viewing stations. The blue-cased DVDs and videocassettes, available on Level 4, are the only ones that may be viewed on the stations.
It is strictly prohibited to view a DVD on a multimedia station or a laptop computer.

Computer support

No support is provided by staff for the ordinary use of computers and of the software available on the multimedia stations.