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Loan service

Self-serve station.

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec offers its many patrons an extensive, wide-ranging universal circulating collection on a variety of supports. In addition to being able to check out materials at the ground floor service desk or at a self-checkout station, subscribers to this service have the following privileges:

  • loan renewals online, on site or by telephone
  • material reservations online, on site or by telephone
  • purchase suggestions online or on site
  • holiday loans for extended periods during the summer
  • on-site loans of materials from the national collection
  • access to the interlibrary loan service
  • access to the various services of BAnQ, including the language laboratory (Laboratoire de langues)

Subscribers can check out up to 25 items for a period of 21 days, except for films for subscribers 14 years and older (7 days). Television series and lengthy films, identified by means of a sticker indicating “Prêt 21 jours”, can be checked out for 21 days.