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Email notification service

Make the most of our email notification to receive a message:

  • 5 days before an item is due;
  • 7 days and then 14 days after an item is due if you have failed to return the item;
  • when an item you've placed a hold on has become available;
  • when your subscription is due to expire.

Electronic transaction slips are issued at the self-checkout stations upon request during checkouts.

You must sign up to avail yourself of this service.

  1. Go to banq.qc.ca and sign in under “My account”.
  2. Click on “Modify my personal information”.
  3. Make sure an accurate email address is displayed.
  4. Check the “I would like to receive my notifications by email” box.
  5. Click on “Submit”.
  6. Follow the instructions sent to your email inbox.